About Us

The Impact NGO has been established to help Afghans reach their potentials and assist the capacity of duty bearers to fulfill their obligations. A group of Afghan scholars and experts from different technical background is managing the NGO.

The NGO executive board is combined from a diverse team of technical expertise with the vast academic and field experience in the areas of public health, education and gender equality, child protection, life skills training, and other aspects of community development.IO programs are aligned with the national and international priorities in the country.IO strategizes its priority goals to increases national and individual Afghan capacity to work further efficiently and help these organizations to be more sustainable. We strongly envision that we can bring peace, transparency, security and development only when we have competent individual and organizations in the country.

IO has board of executive board and the board is set 3-4 years strategies for organization regularly. The executive board will meet bi-annually to review the policy and strategy papers, assess the overall program progress towards targets and make necessary recommendation for policy change and ways forward.


Capacity Building


Good Governance


Completed Projects


To promote conditions of sustainable human development in which people are able to enjoy a full range of human rights, fulfill their needs free from poverty and live in dignity.


Impact Organization’s mission is to generate collaborative action and learning to improve and expand community-focused human rights, rule of law, education, gender equality and community development & social protection for underserved populations in Afghanistan.